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Google AdSense pays millions and millions to publishers.

Google AdSense is the
DRIP DRIP INCOME opportunity.

Hi, my name is Chuck Camroux, I am a retired broadcast executive. Back in 1993, I decided to do some things on the Internet. Here we are a quarter of a century later and I’m still “doing things” on the web.

What things you ask?

Affiliate Marketing and Pay-Per-Click publishing. I call myself a publishing bake shop. Every week I add a new product to my bakery offerings and every month money drips into my bank account. I have a Drip Drip Publishing Bakery. Best of all, I do it with Virtual Real Estate, the least expensive, yet most powerful real estate you can own.

Recently I started offering those same people who are looking to get into the publishing bakery business a blueprint to the exact same passive income I have enjoyed for years.

My Drip Drip Publishing System simply means that I have several websites that earn me small amounts of money, each.

Let’s break it down…

1. I plan an information website about a subject – or as we call it – a niche. I research the niche to be sure that it will make money, that there is interest by advertisers. There’s plenty of ways to do this, which you learn in my Drip Drip Publishing System.

2. When I’ve got a niche that interests me and is viable (can turn a profit), I then build a website. Not a complicated one, but one that focuses attention on information about the niche. I post at least 25 articles, and some other things to make the site interesting. Once this is accomplished, I move to step 3.

3. Now I monetize the website. What does that mean? I put Google AdSense ads on the site. Then I make sure the site is included in the Google Webmaster database, and a myriad of other databases on the web. I find ways to link from and to external sources, and I make sure that all possible internet links are connected.

4. Now I aggregate more content for the site. I automate this part of the website building, but in essence the website goes and finds more content relevant to the niche. In a total of 90-days, I want my little niche information site to have at least 90 articles on the subject of the site plus a bunch of affiliate offers.

5. Now I add Google AdSense advertising to the site. If you don’t know what AdSense is, then you can learn about it at the Drip Drip Publishing System. But simply put, I put relevant ads on the site, and Google pays me every time a viewer clicks on an ad. They don’t have to buy anything, just click on the ad.

Now we get to why I call it the Drip Drip Publishing System. AdSense doesn’t pay a lot per click. In fact, usually pennies per click. But pennies add up and drip a lot more than most suspect. If you have a site getting only a few hundred unique visitors every month it’s pretty easy to make $200 to $300 a month. Remember, the bakery is operating 24/7, even while you sleep. I am only looking for $6 to $10 a day in revenue, per site.

$200 to $300 isn’t something to write home about, but $2,000 to $3,000 certainly is. $24,000 to $36,000 a year is a decent part-time income, especially from a home office (bedroom or kitchen table), part-time and most of it passive income.

It really adds up when you have 10 sites earning, or how about 25 site?

You do the math.

Now this is just the beginning because that’s the Google AdSense income. Add some Affiliate income next. You have a fitness site, a cat site (well maybe you’re a dog lover instead), a health and a wellness site, even a retirement site. Right there that’s four of your sites that need some affiliate income love.

How about selling some fitness equipment, and some products to help your readers get healthier and lose weight. I bet you can think of all kinds of products for your cat and if you’re retired, you want to travel, play golf or other hobbies like photography or electric model railroads.

Got the picture?

Think about it. You’ve got 15 sites, that’s a whole bunch of products. Let’s take the worse case and say each website (niche) only sells 2 item per week. That 30 items you get paid on. Now let’s say you only get 10% commission, and the average cost of each product is $200.

So yes, you it’s possible to make an extra $600 dollars a month in affiliate sales, or more.

Your little side business now drips $5 every hour per site. Not everything is passive, after all you have to do a little maintenance and you had to build each site, once. But 75% of your income is passive.

Now think about it, what if you could do a little bit more work with more niches or more articles on each site, you’d probably increase your income several thousand. What if you took some of that money and bought advertising in AdWords and Facebook, etc. Another increase in readership and income.

Are you understanding the Drip Drip now?

I am now making available my step-by-step blueprint – The Drip Drip Income Publishing System Blueprint. You get it all, including how to setup your niche site, how to name it to attract site visitors and so much more.

You can signup below, or you can contact me direct for more information.

I look forward to showing you how to make a good income online.

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